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Monday, February 29, 2016

March Event Details

We have three big events in March. The first is our International Family Fun Night, March 11. This event is designed to provide a fun evening for our international student who have a spouse and/or children with them here at MTSU. The event will start at 6pm in the Tom Jackson Building. We plan to end the evening at 8pm. The evening will feature light snacks, games designed for children of all ages, and prizes with some of the games. International students without families here at MTSU are also encouraged to get involved. We hope you'll be interested in helping us plan and execute the evening, as well as being there to play with, and encourage, the children. Sometimes, we forget the big changes in the lives of these children. They have come to another country, yet they may not speak the new language, and may have trouble making friends. Our goal is that this evening will help them to enjoy their time here a little better, and feel more a part of our community.

The next event on the calendar will be our Evening at Opry Mills Mall, March 18.. Our office will provide transportation to the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. We will leave campus at 3pm and travel to the mall. Once there, you will have many popular, yet unique, stores to shop. Many of these stores are from among the more "upscale" stores in America, such as American Eagle, Saks, and Tommy Hilfiger, some of which are not available in Murfreesboro. There is also a large food court for your dinner meal, and a large movie theater complex. You'll be on your own to do what you want, you'll just need to rejoin us after the mall closes so we can leave and return to campus. We will plan to leave the mall at 9:30pm. So, if you want to take in a move, you'll need to select one that ends before that. We're taking vans, so you should have plenty of room to bring back all your goodies from the trip. If you'd like to join, you'll need to email the ISSS office to reserve your spot. Space will be limited.

Our final big event for the month will be the International Day with the MTSU Men's Tennis team, Saturday, March 19. They will battle College of Charleston at 2pm. They want us to begin the match with a Parade of Flags, and will offer free pizza and tips to improve your tennis game afterwards. If you can help out with the Parade of Flags by carrying the flag of your homeland, please email the ISSS office and let us know in advance. We have the flags, we just need you to carry it. Show your pride!

As always, if you have any questions about any of these events, don't hesitate to email the ISSS office. We're always glad to answer your questions!

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