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MT International's Home on the WWW

Friday, February 19, 2016

Volunteer Opportunity

MTSU's international population has a growing number of students and scholars who are bringing their children with them when they come to our campus. With this growth, we are looking to begin programming designed specifically for these families. In the past, they are welcome to bring them to most of our activities, but if you remember being a child, you will remember not wanting to spend all of your time around "grown-ups." Children have different needs for entertainment, and children who have moved to a completely different culture are not different. Even the parents of these children have needs that are different from most traditional students.

Therefore, we are looking for volunteers. If you love children, and would love to help out your fellow international students with events designed specifically for families and children, please contact the ISSS office. We will get together with those who are willing to volunteer and put together various activities with these families in mind. The events can be educational, games, or a combination of both. The sky is the limit, as they say. Then, once we have them planned, you'll be able to help put them together so they have a great time.

This is just another way for you to get involved in the growing international community here at MTSU!

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