MT International's Home on the WWW

MT International's Home on the WWW

Monday, March 14, 2016

Events of Interest, March 14-20

- International Tax Workshop, 5pm, Jones Hall 109B
- Conversation Partners Meal, 6pm, PSF House
- Baseball vs Belmont, 6pm, Reese Smith Field

- Opry Mills Shopping Trip, 3pm, Nashville
- Baseball vs FAU, 6pm, Reese Smith Field

- Baseball vs FAU, 11am, Reese Smith Field
- International Day with Men's Tennis & Parade of Flags, 2pm, Buck Bouldin Tennis Center
- Softball vs FAU, 2pm, Softball Field
- Softball vs FAU, 4pm, Softball Field

- Baseball vs FAU, 12pm, Reese Smith Field
- Softball vs FAU, 12pm, Softball Field

Please contact the ISSS office if you would like to take part in the Parade of Flags. We have the flags, we just need you to carry them!

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